Naturopathic Primary Care

Naturopathic Physicians are family physicians offering routine and special exams, lab work, diagnosis, and treatment of acute and chronic conditions.

We specialize in the use of diet, nutritional and herbal supplements, and lifestyle counseling to help our patients achieve optimal health.

Laura Shelton, ND

Laura Shelton, ND

I graduated in 1983 from Bastyr University. I love untangling the root causes of complex chronic illnesses and finding the treatment modalities that best fit not only the disease but also the patient. I enjoy treating the whole family, from earaches to menopause.

In my off-hours, I am a musician and a grandma.

Emily Sharpe,

Emily Sharpe, ND
Discovering Your Health

My work is to search for and discover the causes of your ‘dis-ease,’ and then teach you how to care for those causes.

I have a general family practice, with specialties of weight loss, fatigue, thyroid, gastrointestinal, allergies, hormonal and menopausal issues.

My passion for these specialties is rooted in my personal journey through disease and health. I love helping you feel your very best.

When I am not helping you, I am exercising, reading, visiting with family & friends, cooking with my husband, and enjoying life through the eyes of my son. On an especially wonderful day we are camping, hiking, and boating the beautiful Northwest.

Kelsi Ervin,

Kelsi Ervin, ND
Supported Self Healing

I believe our bodies know how to heal, but sometimes they have forgotten or something has gotten in the way. I enjoy supporting men, women, and children in learning tricks for staying healthy and for feeling better while finding what has gotten in the way of their health. Conditions I can help with are many, including: low energy and depression, anxiety, female concerns, digestion problems, blood sugar issues, allergies, and cancer.

Come on in and we can work together. Otherwise, I’ll be off fishing, watching the mountains and plants from a canoe, dancing, or playing my fiddle.