Fees & Costs


All of our naturopaths are contracted with most major insurances (with the exception of Cigna, Medicare, and State Insurance). If patients plan on using their insurance, it is their responsibility to know their specific coverage. Patients should check their coverage at the start of every year due to changes in policy that the New Year may bring. Call the number on the back of your insurance card or go to your insurance company’s website to check the coverage you have with your specific doctor, not just the clinic. Patients are responsible for any portion of payment that their insurance does not cover.


If you do not wish to use insurance, your appointment will need to be paid for out-of-pocket. When patients pay at check-out, we apply a 20% discount to the cost of the billed appointment. Appointments are billed by the doctor. Billing is based off of diagnosis, complexity, preparation, and time of the appointment. Payments are required at checkout. See the following list for price estimates.

  • First Office Visit: $126-$245
  • Returning Office Visit: $50-170
  • Well-Woman Exam: $130-$197
  • Well-Child Exam: $110-$163

Other Services

  • B-Shot Appointments: A five-minute B-shot appointment costs $20. If the procedure is done during the time of another appointment, the cost is only $10. For every additional shot, $5 is added to your total.
  • HCG Appointments: Initial HCG appointments are $100 or are billed to your insurance, whichever is cheaper for the patient. If a patient is being seen for a HCG appointment and other topics are covered, the doctor is legally obligated to bill it as a normal appointment.
  • Phone Appointments: Phone appointments are not covered by insurance and are rarely recommended by our doctors. While it is better to come in (and usually cheaper), we offer 15-30 minute phone appointments that are billed based off of diagnosis, complexity, preparation, and time of the phone appointment. These typically range from $50-$128. Payment is expected to paid for over the phone at checkout.
  • Email Charge: We try to take care of all of our patients as thoroughly as we can. While it is always best to have an appointment for any questions or concerns a patient may have, email answers are provided at a charge of $25.
  • Urine Analysis: For Acute Visits, Wellness Exams, or specific symptoms, your doctor may preform a Urine Analysis during your appointment. This service cannot be billed to insurance and costs $15.

No Shows and Late Cancellations

Our no-show policy is no joke! Please respect the time of our doctors and the needs of other patients by cancelling with plenty of advance. We require a minimum of 1 business day’s notice if you are unable to make it to your appointment. If you are sick the day of your appointment, we encourage you to come in and receive care. Late cancellations and no-shows will result in a fee of $50 for the first time. For a second offense, the full cost of the scheduled appointment will applied to the patient’s account ($50-$195). For a third offense, the clinic will not invite you back as a patient.